Digital marketing
Release your full business potential

Using data as our starting point, we help you understand, plan and execute your marketing activities to create the best top- and bottom-line results.

Data makes you relevant

The ad budgets for digital marketing have never been higher. But ad recognition is at an all-time low. Every day, we are bombarded with irrelevant, inane ads, and the consumers are craving relevant, engaging communication from brands.

To deliver relevant, engaging interaction and build strong customer relations and good shopping experiences, you must first and foremost meet your customers’ needs. That is why the future belongs to the businesses that use data to understand their market. And their customers. And their customers’ needs. Better than their competitors, so they can deliver the most relevant communication. To the most profitable customers. At the lowest possible costs.

For many years, we have worked to strengthen our digital marketing efforts. The collaboration with IMPACT has been very successful and it has brought about very satisfactory results.

Brian BørstingCorporate Marketing & E-commerce Manager, PWT Group


We answer the hard questions. How much is a member of your customer club worth? And how can we increase the value of the individual member? Do we turn up the Google ads? The Facebook ads? Which channels best help us reach our goals? The answer is different for every business. And it depends on the ambition.

We have set up a specialised company focusing on deep analytics and BI understanding which is translated into strategies and execution. For this unit, we have searched for – and found – the brightest data scientists and marketing strategists to help our customers reorganise their marketing and increase the top- and bottom-line.

We are a team of specialists in our field, and we are passionate about creating measurable results for your business. But we will only reap the full benefits through close collaboration.

Thomas Høgsbro-RodeCEO, IMPACT Extend

We cover the entire business

To us, digital marketing is not just a matter of clicks, buys and customers. We embrace the entire business and optimise the whole organisation. And we work with you to achieve our goal. We develop your business. Internally as well as externally. We are specialised in commerce, AdWords, SEO, CRO, Facebook, marketing automation, dialogue and loyalty. And we think about marketing in combination with the digital platform and the physical store. Business understanding and cross-collaboration are crucial elements in our joint creation of good results.

A selection of the brands we have helped with digital

Our areas of expertise

We work with a broad range of areas within digital marketing, but some of the most common ones are:

Data Consolidation/DMP
Digital Marketing Business Intelligence
Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Automation
Lead Generation
Data Cockpits
Digital Go-To-Market Strategies

Do you want to know more about Impact Extend?

Reach out to Torben – he is keen to tell you more about IMPACT Extend.

Torben Vejen | IMPACT Team