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Bytes of IMPACT: The criteria for solid product data
Tuesday 8th December 2020, 12.30-13.00

This is the fourth webinar in a series of master data webinars.

How to obtain of solid product data

IMPACT’s Omnichannel Index reports that 88% of companies are failing when it comes to creating a convincing value proposition on their product pages, and only 65% of retailers and brands use product data at solid level.

In the first webinar of this series of webinars focused around product data, “How solid product data increases omnichannel success”, we illustrated what solid product data your customers are looking for.

Now it is time to take the next step: how to get ahold of solid product data.

In this 30-minute webinar, Arla Foods will share with us how master data/product information management (PIM) helped them automate the flow of product data towards their customers and all the retailers that you are likely familiar with from your daily life: Føtex, Kvickly, Aldi, Dagrofa, Netto, Fakta,, just to name a few…

In just 30 minutes, you will learn how:
  • Arla Foods went from decentralised to centralised data to ensure they can market their products correctly and control product data across all companies (e.g. making sure the same product ingredients are shown in each market)
  • Data is can be sent automatically to GS1 data pools all over the world, eliminating the risk of human mistakes and making sure that Arla Foods can send their product data to the world’s largest product data network, The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)
  • Retailers (ranging from small kiosks to large supermarket chains) can get the information that they need in the formats they use with just a few clicks

Arla also touches upon how they conducted such a complicated project with many stakeholders and no notable delays.

Jan Nørgaard

Jan Nørgaard is the Head of Product Data Management at Arla Foods, Denmark. He knows Arla Foods and all its dairy products like the back of his hand.  His journey at Arla started over 21 years ago. He is now the lead in PIM projects and is THE go-to person if you have any questions about product data, data quality, data governance along with related questions regarding Arla’s customers: retailers & the food service sector.

Anne-marie Gebbink is senior master data consultant at IMPACT PIM
Anne-Marie Gebbink

Anne-Marie has more than 20 years of experience with master data and project management. Before starting at IMPACT, she worked for 18 years at Stibo Systems, so she knows (almost) all the ins and outs of Stibo Systems STEP system and has worked with many multinational brands. Anne-Marie also has a background in marketing, so she can easily put herself into the shoes of customers when it comes to marketing processes around product data.

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