Chr. Hansen go live with a new B2B e-commerce solution

1. July 2019

Together with Chr. Hansen IMPACT has developed a new B2B e-commerce solution. It is the first solution in the Nordic region to go live on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.

New B2B e-commcerce solution

In the summer of 2018, Chr. Hansen, a global supplier of cultures, enzymes, and natural colors to the food, health, and agricultural industries, chose IMPACT as an implementation partner on a B2B e-commerce platform. The result of the collaboration is now live in the form of a new e-commerce solution built on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.


With this e-commerce solution, Chr. Hansen and IMPACT are the first in the Nordic region to launch a solution using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, formerly known as CloudCraze, which joined the Salesforce family in the spring of 2018.

Chr. Hansen is the frontrunner with this project and shows how B2B commerce can appear simple and user-friendly, even when the underlying information structures are not

claus høyer madsen cco impact
Claus Høyer Madsen, CCO, IMPACT

New customer and product data models

The choice of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud as a platform has meant that IMPACT would help develop new customer and product data models to ensure the integration with the underlying ERP system, but this is also what makes the solution unique, explains Claus Høyer Madsen.

“The people who need to log in and order goods are quite different from those that the sales team will have contact with. Therefore, the focus has been on converging the different needs and making unique login options for each individual user. This gives the users some completely different options than if we had gone with the existing customer and product data models.”

B2B commerce growing

Customers expect the same smooth shopping experience when trading in B2B contexts as when shopping as consumers. This places new demand on B2B sales, but at the same time provides opportunity for great reward for B2B companies in the commerce area.

“For many years, B2C companies have been working to create good digital buying experiences, whereas B2B companies typically have a somewhat lower maturity in the commerce area. They are now realizing the potential of creating good and coherent buying experiences and more efficient processes. Our experience is that companies can create solid growth in their digital trade with their customers, and my expectation is that a lot will happen in this area in the coming years,” Claus Høyer Madsen adds.

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