How to combatthe effects of the covid-19 crisis

A crisis gameplan for retail, brands and distributors

How to combat the effects of the covid-19 crisis

The corona crisis is now a reality for many. Declining sales and economic uncertainty came faster than anyone could have predicted. And while the customers are choosing to forego physical stores, this is a chance for businesses to prove their worth – if they adapt to the new situation in time.

Therefore, we invite company leaders to this Bytes of IMPACT, during which Kasper Holst will share valuable insights and recommended actions for C-level and digital/commercial management. He will look into how COVID-19 affects the business and give you the strategic inspiration to best handle and react to declining sales. The topics covered will be:

  • How to immediately react to declining sales in physical channels
  • Customers’ behavior shift toward a digital mindset
  • Different scenarios and how to plan and prepare for the next phase
  • Learnings from China and other countries
  • Digital and go2market redesign


The webinar will be held in English.

Kasper Holst, IMPACT CEO, Omnichannel event
Kasper Holst, CEO

Kasper Holst is CEO of IMPACT and an expert in go2market, commerce and digital strategy. For more than 20 years, he has helped retailers, brands and B2B companies create growth – among others Sennheiser, HAY, Bestseller, Imerco. Kasper’s affinity for omnichannel strategy, passion for creating the best possible buying experiences, and up-to-date knowledge in local and international B2C/B2B makes him a clear choice when searching for sources of insight in growth and digital.

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Please note: Other agencies will not be permitted to download or watch the webinar. Thank you for understanding.