Interview with Helen Xu from Shanghai hosted by Kasper Holst in Paris

Get unique insight and learnings from a market a head of Europe

Info: More than 150 participants at the first live interview with overwhelming positive feedback. “Super inspiring. Unique insights. Helen is a true frontrunner”. We have been encouraged to repeat the interview.

While China is beginning to recover after the repercussions of COVID-19, Scandinavia is still in the early stages of the crisis and the next couple of weeks will inevitably present some hardships. Therefore, IMPACT has invited the Chinese retail pioneer, Helen Xu, to participate in this webinar and share her learnings and unique insights into how the COVID-19 crisis affects business, how the market will look after the crisis, and how the crisis has affected customers’ behaviour.

This is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek of how the Scandinavian market will look in 1-2 months and in general after the crisis, so you can prepare and be on the forefront regarding the situation. In China, new trends have already begun in the way businesses interact with their customers, such as new sales channels and social selling.

During this webinar, Helen Xu and Kasper Holst will dig deeper into:

  • Facts from China – when and how we can expect to recover in Europe.
  • How to achieve more sales from social media and marketplaces
  • Successfully teaching personnel how to sell via social media
  • A tour of FLEXA’s VR flagship store
  • What Scandinavian businesses can learn from the Chinese businesses who have been most successful during the crisis.

The latest data from China points toward a recovered market in 3-4 months, and the digital market will be even more dominant than it was before the crisis.

The webinar will take 45 minutes and be held in English.

Helen Xu, General Manager of FLEXA China

Helen Xu is the General Manager of FLEXA China, a global furniture company headquartered in Denmark. Helen is in charge of more than 100 dealers in China – own stores as well as franchise dealers. Prior to her position at FLEXA, she was in charge of Fiskars in China for nine years, and therefore, she has obtained thorough knowledge of Scandinavian brands and markets. A front-runner in China within her category.

Kasper Holst, IMPACT CEO, Omnichannel event

Kasper Holst is CEO of IMPACT and an expert in go2market, commerce and digital strategy. For more than 20 years, he has helped retailers, brands and B2B companies create growth – among others Sennheiser, HAY, Bestseller, Imerco. Kasper’s affinity for omnichannel strategy, passion for creating the best possible buying experiences, and up-to-date knowledge in local and international B2C/B2B makes him a clear choice when searching for sources of insight in growth and digital.

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